LED Light

LED lighting is one of the most increasingly efficient, reliable, and durable lighting technologies available in today’s commercial lighting market.

LED light bulbs are energy efficient
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights use about 25%-80% less electricity and lasts up to 25 times longer than traditional compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs.

Environmentally friendly
Since LED lighting consumes a marginal amount of energy, LEDs greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, its superior durability results in minimal production and dumping costs in comparison to CFLs.

CFLs contain a number of potentially hazardous metals, one of which is mercury which can be extremely toxic to the environment. Disposing of CFLS properly requires that they are specifically disposed of at hazardous waste management. Yet, not only are LED light bulbs 100% recyclable, but they do not contain any material that may cause environmental damage.

CFLs waste nearly 95% of their energy as heat. This is incredibly counter-productive given that LED bulbs convert the same amount of energy input to light.

LED light bulbs are more ergonomic than fluorescent tubes in the fact that they are unidirectional. This simply means that the dispersion of LED lighting can be controlled depending on the desired application. Traditional fluorescent light however is not as flexible and more difficult to manage due to the dependence of a reflector which results in lower light output.