Mission Statement

WE ARE LIGHTS promise to offer our customers a new age of quality lighting products that will combine substantial savings in energy while using cutting edge innovative, green energy technology. We promise to search, find and provide our customers the best and highest level of value


We Are Lights is dedicated to offering our customers the latest in cutting-edge lighting technology. Our innovative lighting solutions are designed to save our customers money while simultaneously having a positive impact on the environment. Our ongoing pledge is to offer value in every one of our products, from long-lasting LED lights to state-of-the-art induction systems.

Around the world, the need for more efficient energy usage is becoming increasingly prevalent. National governments, particularly the United States’, are taking legislative action to curtail energy waste in a number of different industries. One of the more famous examples of government action is the Energy Independence and Security Act, signed into law in 2007; this groundbreaking law will change the way we conceive of lighting efficiency by mandating certain standards in luminescence and wattage.

As our nation moves closer to the deadlines imposed by the law, and as we continue to find consensus on the need for different lighting solutions, We Are Lights is dedicated to helping consumers make the transition easily. Our innovative product offerings represent the most advanced lighting technology available, and we will continue to guide our customers in the use and benefits of LED and induction lighting.