T8 LED Tube Light 18W, 4

LED Tube Light 18 Watt,4'- Super bright, 1800 lm (lumens) is a innovative product with more than 60% energy saving rate, ideal replacement for traditional fluorescent or new install product. Our LED tube has an easy installation plug and play with electrical shock proof , fully anodized aluminium + PC surface create a gleaming appearance and the ultra-strong structure, shock proof and anti-corrosive material to maximize durability. We offer 5 year warranty under most usage.


LED Fluorescent Tube Retrofit Fixture

LED Fluorescent Tube Retrofit Fixture- It becomes evident that the best cost savings with the best overall energy savings option is to use the new tubular LED retrofit lamp powered by direct line voltage AC with the ballast removed or by passed in existing fluorescent fixtures. The design of the new tubular LED retrofit lamps offers the flexibility for an end user to use it with or without the ballast. As the cost for new high-brightness white LEDs continues to drop, the LED retrofit lamp option running off direct line voltage alternating current will become an even better option for overall cost savings, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness.


LED Tube Light 16 w -

High efficiency the whole lighting effect 1650 lumens, energy savings of 55-80% over ordinary florescent light energy usage. We have UL, CE and ROHS certification with 5 years warranty under most usage. This 16 w LED tube light could be used in hotels, offices, bathrooms, underground parking places, restaurants, stores, homes and the places where need long time and energy saving places. The ROHS means no hazardous material used protecting the environment and fully recyclable


Panel Lights Collection -

LED panel lights with high quality and competitive price. Extremely even and soft lighting thanks to wider light emitting dimension per luminaries compared with traditional fluorescent luminaries. Ultra slim and fairly well-distributed lighting. Unlike existing luminaries, unlimited design, various sizes are available. Longer Life span and energy saving. Since LED lights last about 70 times longer than an incandescent light source, as a result, cost of maintenance and replacement are reduced.


8 Side Invert Garden Bulb -

The LED 8 side Invert Garden Bulb Light saves 80% energy, LED lights last longer up to 50,000 hours, LEDs are cool to touch have Epistar or Cree LED Chip (90100LM/LED) ,Base: E40 E39 E27 E26 and Beam Angle 360, and LED Lighting saves time, money and the environment.


Circled Lights - View

Fits in many fixtures including Cobra Heads, Shoe Boxes, Street lights, Garages, Parking Lot lights, Warehouses, High Bay, Low Bay,Gas Stations, Machine Shops, Car dealerships, Stadiums’ Etc.


02. LED Bulb Light New -

The LED Light Bulb saves 90% energy, LED lights last longer up to 60,000 hours, LED's are cool to touch, LED Bulbs are unbreakable, and LED Lighting saves time, money and the environment. Using a 3 Watt LED Light versus a 60 light bulb will save you a lot. If every U.S. household replaced just one standard 60 watt bulb with a LED Light bulb it could save 24,184.4 mega (million) watts per day.


8 Sides Stubby Garden or post Bulb -

8 sides stubby and inverted led Garden light have 360deg beam angle and have the qualities like heat sinking, operational lifespan, luminous efficiency with CE,ROHS certification. Streamline exterior design, beautiful appearance. Takes full advantage of luminous efficiency. Special circuit design each LED works separately avoiding the single broken LED influence problem. No UV & infrared and other radiation, good for eyes .Easy Installation: work without ballast, no need for other traditional driver and starter.


LED corn light -E40 quotation New -

In order to save energy, we design LED corn lights to replace incandescent and CFL bulbs. Comparing with incandescent bulbs, our high power LED bulbs can save75% - 90% electricity cost. For example, our 18W and 24W LED corn light can replace 40W and 50W 100W incandescent bulbs. Comparing with incandescent lights it has 50,000 hours lifespan, No flickering and Eco-friendly NO UV, IR, Lead and Mercury.


E40 E27 Stubby with Canopy fixture New - View


14 Side LED Corn Lamp Type New - View


E40 Squar LED Pizza Panel light For High Bay (19032013) New - View


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360 Degree T8 Pricelist New - View


LED Bulb Lamp Dimmable Taiwan LED New - View


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