Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting technology is without a doubt on the verge of making traditional lighting obsolete. This includes both indoor and outdoor lighting, and every aspect of both residential and commercial applications. Consumer expectations are evolving at an ever-increasing blistering pace, and they are demanding the most effective, up-to-date lighting possible.
We Are Lights have responded to this challenging marketplace by offering a wide array of the most cutting-edge LED fixtures that are the best and latest in the lighting industry. Our lighting products offer uncompromising, unmatched performance…we guarantee it! Our outdoor luminaries are known for their superior performance and sturdy construction. Also, they consumer less energy – far less – than traditional fluorescent lights, and require little, if any maintenance. As a business owner, you have enough concerns about your normal, day-to-day operations without having to worry about your lights. That’s our job. That’s what we do. That’s all we do. Contact us. Let We Are Lights prove to you that we can deliver on our promises of meeting all of your lighting needs.

Government Facilities Lighting

Meet building goals with unmatched energy reduction.

Auto Dealership Lighting

Interested in showcasing your dealership and attracting more customers with powerful LED lighting?

Corporate Campus Lighting

Make a great impression on potential students as well as first-time visitors and also create a safe and efficient work environment while reducing your energy and maintenance bills.

Industrial & Warehouse

Bring energy efficient illumination and long lasting performance to larger spaces.

Airport Lightning

Our mission at your airport is to increase illumination which will result in improved security, slash you energy consumption (and costs) and trim your maintenance expenses to the bone.

Gas Station Lighting

Attracting customers with improved lighting that creates a safe environment with dramatically better visibility.

Education Facilities Lighting

High-quality LED lighting enhances learning environments and improves visibility and security.

Government Facilities Lighting

Upgrade city street and area lights to LED to increase efficiency, improve light quality, and reduce the carbon footprint.

Parking Structure Lighting

Parking structure operators can achieve energy efficiency, impressive lighting performance and an optimal ROI.

Healthcare Facilities Lighting

Enhance your healing spaces with high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting.

Recreation & Public Venue Lighting

Every venue deserves to be illuminated with crisp, white light. Designed for interior and exterior spaces.

Residential Lighting

Beautiful LED lighting and energy efficient products for your home.

Restaurant & Hotel Lighting

Instantly Impress Your Guests with Vibrant and Comfortable Spaces

Retail & Grocery Lighting

With We Are LED Lights, Enhance Your Store Lighting to Turn Browsers into Buyers

Roadway Lighting

Enhance the curb appeal, visibility and safety of any roadway by upgrading existing fixtures to energy-efficient LED.