LED Benefits

LED Lighting has demonstrated unbelievable efficiency, reliability and durability far beyond anything else in today’s commercial lighting market. Here’s why...

Energy efficiency

According to U.S. Department of Energy statistics, LED lights use approximately 25-80% less electricity and last up to 25 times longer than traditional Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s). CFL’s waste an incredible 95% of their energy as heat. Compare that to LED lights that convert 95% of their energy to light. You be the judge.

Environmentally friendly

There’s no question about it. There is growing concern world-wide over the effects of man-made pollution and climate change. These issues are hotly debated, but the direction that governments are moving is toward increasing regulations on businesses to protect the environment.

This is where LED lights are worth their weight in gold. Since they consume far less energy than CFL’s, LED’s dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Also, when it comes to durability, LED lights in again in a head-to-head competition with CFL’s. Minimal production and low dumping costs = LED lights…the winner!

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mercury in the air may settle into the water, where it harms fish and the animals that eat them... making mercury a threat to our entire food chain and ecosystem.

CFL’s are loaded with this toxic substance, and to properly dispose of them the EPA requires a trip to a household hazardous waste collection center. In contrast, LED lighting is 100% recyclable, and as an added bonus, LED lights do not contain any hazardous material that could pose a risk to the environment.

As if all of these advantages weren’t enough, there’s still one more thing that needs mentioned. LED lights are built with a futuristic ergonomic design. Ergonomics is defined as “a science that deals with designing and arranging things so that people can use them easily and safely”, and LED lights are designed with that principal in mind. LED lights are unidirectional, which means that the illumination from LED lights can effortlessly be controlled in any manner needed. CFL’s, on the other hand, are not nearly as flexible and can be extremely challenging and difficult to manage, since they are dependent on a reflector, which results in lower output.

Again, you choose. The choice should be easy. When compared to CFL’s, LED lights are THE WINNER... in every way, shape and form!