LED Street Lights

As crime continues to increase, seemingly spiraling out of control, more and more municipalities are determined to allow their law-abiding citizens to enjoy the cities night attractions without becoming a crime statistic. Like the Calvary to the rescue, LED lights prove once again to be worth their weight in gold. Here’s how...

LED lights brighten their surrounding location far more efficiently than normal streetlamps. The light emitted from LED lights is cleaner, clearer and produces a brilliant, shining white light that lights up a much larger area than the all-too-often dingy, weak light of a standard streetlamp. The result? Safer streets, and more people feeling like they can enjoy the night safely.

In today’s slowing economy, many, if not most municipalities are faced with budgetary constraints, and city managers backs are up against the wall. They are-too-often forced to make painful cuts and reductions throughout their entire city budget. LED lights have a longer lifespan, use less electricity, and are environmentally-friendly. By contrast, the high pressure sodium vapor lamps that have been the go-to streetlights for years produce an inferior, scattered light for both night drivers and pedestrians as well. If you’re the city manager, what choice would you make?

In addition to LEDs cost-effective benefits, LED street lights emit a cleaner, clearer light. The pictures available demonstrate the dramatic difference in efficiency between LED street lamps and traditional streetlights. The LED street lighting fixtures produce a rich white light that encompasses a larger area compared to the often dismal, discolored light of a standard streetlamp.

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