Education Facilities Lighting

The source of illumination in the classroom is often ignored, or made without much thought. This is a huge mistake. The choice of interior lighting is all-too-often overlooked, but plays a vital, critical role is creating an atmosphere that promotes learning and interaction in both classrooms and lecture halls. Your selection of lighting can also help you earn points for LEED certification.

The We Are Lights Difference

We Are Lights is at the forefront of the lighting revolution.
Our cutting-edge lighting technology delivers superior luminescence in classrooms, gymnasiums, parking lots, garages and the sidewalks and pathways that connect them. This allows instructors to maintain control and total awareness of their classroom surroundings and increases security in all buildings on campus. The result? The best possible environment for learning.

Also, our products deliver a much higher quality of light, lower glare, possess extraordinary uniformity, consume far less energy, can deliver superior lighting in any and all challenging environments and require little or no maintenance. These factors result in slashing your budget, and allow you to allocate your resources into other areas where they are crucially needed.

Finally, consider this. Our LED lights have a lengthy life-cycle… far beyond traditional lights. This means fewer disruptions for maintenance, which is guaranteed to please both students and facility alike.

We Are Lights represent the future of lighting technology, and are one of the best investments you can make for your campus. Blast out of the 20th century, and join the LED lights revolution.

Whether retrofitting your building or purchasing street lights, We Are Lights has a solution for you.

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