Gas Station Lighting

Picture two gasoline service stations. One has bright illumination that beckons motorists to pull in, fill up their gas tank, and walk into the store feeling safe and secure. Now picture another service station directly across the street. The dim, obsolete lighting is more than enough to influence their decision as to where they will stop. Which one will most drivers choose to stop at? Which one would you choose?

A Simple decision
Lighting can simplify the decision of potential customers as to where they refuel. Lighting is really that important. Also, it’s not just brightness. Focus is equally important. The gas pumps require the brightest illumination, and this starts at the canopy. The car wash also requires adequate lighting as well, as does your convenience store.

However, there could be “too much of a good thing” with your lighting. If the lights are too bright, they could produce glare that is bright enough to cause safety concerns as drivers pull in. It takes time for our eyes to re-adjust from driving in the blackness of the freeway at night to a “midnight sun” look in a service station. This could result in accidents and lawsuits, since drivers can’t see.

If that weren’t enough to be concerned about, many municipalities have restrictions on the brightness of service station lights.

This is where We Are Lights will put our experience, technology and knowledge to work to insure our LED lights will provide the exact mix of brightness where needed and glare reduction to promote safety. This is both an art and a science, and we guarantee that we will consider the layout of your facility and meet any unique need you have or any challenge that arises.

Finally, never forget energy costs. Ignored, they can take a huge bite out of your profits. But with the cutting-edge technology of LED lights, you will recover the cost of a complete lighting upgrade within three years.

Whether retrofitting your building or purchasing street lights, We Are Lights has a solution for you.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?