Parking Structure Lighting

Illumination in a parking lot is an unsung hero. When it does its job effectively, no one notices. But if the lights go out, everyone notices. From avoiding fender-benders in the lot to deterring car break-ins and other criminal activity, the bright, shining luminescence of LED lighting makes a huge difference.

Another consideration is the bottom-line. The costs involved in operating parking lot structures is skyrocketing…and getting worse each year. Taxes, liability insurance, wages – these are just some of the seeming endless expanding costs of business expenditures. These costs are necessary, and for the most part are rather inflexible.

But there is one cost of parking lot operations that can be hammered down to size: ENERGY. This is where We Are Lights steps in. Our high-output LED lighting is far more energy efficient than the traditional lights still in use in many parking lots. Our occupancy sensors will be installed to control the lighting levels and provide exactly the right amount of light to make your customers feel comfortable, safe, and secure – and keep them coming back to your lot, time and time again.

Whether retrofitting your building or purchasing street lights, We Are Lights has a solution for you.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?