Residential Lighting

Face it. There is nothing…absolutely nothing…more important than the safety and security of your family. Faced with rising crime statistics, and knowing the physical and psychological trauma that burglaries can induce, you owe it to your family to use every means possible to prevent becoming a statistic.

Having our residences invaded by burglars is a concern for us all. In 2008, over one and a half million residences in the United States were burglarized (1). Keep reading to learn why lighting installed properly will keep your family safe…and why lighting installed improperly will not…and why you need the expertise of We Are Lights.

All-too-often, security lighting is installed without considering designed with little thought for how our vision works. Marcus Felson, a professor at the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University, has concluded that lighting is effective in preventing crime under the following two circumstances.

First, it must allow people to see criminals in action, and NOT help criminals see what they’re doing. Second, it must not help the criminals commit their crimes by illuminating their intended target. If the security lights you have installed are too bright and not shielded, your lights will not only fail to accomplish their mission…they will also actually help the criminal.

If the security lights put off blinding glare, a prowler can be harder to spot. But if your security lighting is designed properly, the burglar will be forced to use a flashlight, and risk setting off a security light controlled by an infrared motion sensor. Then the lights will do their job.
Remember, incorrectly installed lighting reduces security. Glare inhibits the neighbor or law enforcement officer from seeing what’s happening; it also misses areas of deep shadow, allowing the criminal to approach undetected.

To insure this doesn’t happen, it is necessary to measure the lights glare intensity and compare it to the light reflected up from the ground. This gives us something called a “glare-to-ground contrast ratio”. If this ratio is high, then the lighting situation creates too much glareto see what is needed to be seen on the ground. You need to see what is being lit, not the light itself. If the lighting is too high, the glare can become oppressive. However, when the glare-to-ground contrast ratio is low, then you’re where you need to be…lighting that shines on the target area with laser-like precision, and does not emanate light pollution and light up areas not needed.

In general, the guiding principle to good lighting can be summed up in this concept: “No light should ever be emitted above the light source’s horizontal plane.”

Once this simple guideline is followed, the problems of light pollution and excessive, indiscriminate lighting and glare are immediately dealt with and solved. We Are Lights will make sure that your security lighting is installed professionally, and will do exactly what it is intended to do: KEEP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SAFE, and deter potential burglars.

You also need safety inside your house as well

Every area of the interior of your house – kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, closets, the laundry room, porches and the garage – need sufficient illumination for safety, fall prevention and convenience. We Are Lights will make it easy and simple to upgrade your existing lighting to energy efficient LED technology that will far exceed the light quality you have been receiving from incandescent bulbs.
Our LED lights deliver a consistent and balanced light source, are instantly on and are fully dimmable. Whether its indoor lighting designed to create a pleasing, comfortable atmosphere or lighting up your outdoor porch and garage, We Are Lights has the lighting to meet any and all of your needs.

1. FBI 2008 Crime in the United States report, Table 7.

Whether retrofitting your building or purchasing street lights, We Are Lights has a solution for you.

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