Retail & Grocery Lighting

Can lighting play a role in growing your business? YES! Regardless of the type of retail business you are in, the proper, correctly installed lighting can skyrocket your business’ success. Ask yourself this: is your current lighting helping your business grow? Or is it just in place as a necessary expense? Should your lighting be more consistent, or could you use accent lighting to highlight important store features or products? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: is your lighting too harsh or bright, or could you use a more imaginative fixture to enhance your company’s brand or theme?

Any kind of retail shopping, whether a grocery or clothing store or any other business, must follow the right design to maximize sales. And this includes the importance of lighting. Done correctly, lighting can lure customers in, make them relaxed and thus able to enjoy their stay – and, of course, buy your store’s products.

The key is to immediately give the image that the store is a warm place, and that customers are welcome. The store must also emanate a crisp, earthy ambiance, and lighting can play a huge role in creating this customer-friendly atmosphere.
For example, in the produce department of a typical grocery store, lighting is strategically designed to make fruits and veggies glow and shine at their brightest and most appetizing.

The psychology of retail lighting
Various studies have shown a strong connection between lighting and emotion, and how some types of lighting could affect a person’s feelings and mood, and ultimately, their decision process. The brain has a unique way of subconsciously responding to a store’s arrangement.

From lighting to sharp edges, everything about your store…layout, shelving, colors, lighting…can result in a customer opening their wallet more than they had planned, or racing for the exits. Remember these four simple rules:
1) People follow the brightest path
2) Brightness can focus attention
3) People like to look at walls that are brightly illuminated
4) Lighting affects a person’s body position

Based on these rules, retailers can make more efficient use of lighting in stores, and supermarkets can also reap the benefits of installing sharper, modern lighting into their operation.

From bright lights to stimulate activity, to softer tone designed to encourage relaxation, conversation and thoughtfulness, lighting can be finely tuned to influence the ambiance of a room or a large area.

It’s a fact. In clothing stores, most buying decisions are made in fitting rooms. Lighting can reflect images that make the clothing look nearly perfect, or make the same items come across in a most unflattering way. Lighting has versatility. It can create a sense of luxury in clothing stores, and efficiency in grocery stores, where the emphasis is on value.

The importance of lighting is often overlooked, and sadly, this is a huge oversight. Here’s why…
New breakthroughs in technology have resulted in intelligent lighting systems which will allow stores to assist customers and boost sales by target shoppers with laser-like precision.

The system consists of LED lights, a customer’s phone, and an app. This will enable retailers to track their customers’ movements throughout their store. As a customer passes under an LED, the system sends a signal (via internet through an ethernet cable) to their phone and interacts by precisely identifying their location and proximity to a certain product, or send in-store offers and information.

No question about it. Smart lighting is the wave of the future, and will be absolutely necessary to compete in the retail jungle.

This is where We Are Lights can revolutionize the lighting in your business. We have the know-how, experience and the latest cutting-edge technology to enable you to put your lighting to work in an active manner with one goal: increase your sales.

And we will also insure that your outdoor lighting is creating the look of a successful, thriving business. From security and safety to convenience, your parking lot will serve its purpose: attract more customers to your store.

Whether retrofitting your building or purchasing street lights, We Are Lights has a solution for you.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?